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Whether you’re throwing a party, having a staff meeting, or just saying thanks for a job well done – you’ll be a big hit when you order from Stuft Pizza – it’s everyone’s favorite! Stuft Pizza specializes in Corporate Delivery.

Don’t forget to order group sized salad and driunks! Need paper plates, extra napkins, Parmesan Cheese or Pepper flakes? No problem, just ask!
You can pay with the company check or any major credit card. Plus it’s easy to set up a Purchase Order Account. That way- you can order pizza today and pay later! From staff meeting to huge outdoor events… Stuft Pizza delivers!

Corporate Accounts

We make it easy to set up corporate charge accounts for our business customers. [ Click Here ]  for a printable online account application or call us to recieve an application by fax or mail. Or, if you prefer, we can set up your account right over the phone at (408) 244-9444.

Hand-Tossed Pizzas

We have something for everyone, from plain cheese to gourmet, from over-the-top combinations to your own specially created pizza. Just estimate the size of your group and select the number of pizzas you will need: The examples below will give you a good approximation.
If you have specific needs, make your selections from our menu, or if you’re not quite sure which pizzas you want, our experienced staff will be happy to prepare an assortment of our most popular pizzas.

Party of: 12-15 Party of: 25-30 Party of: 50-60 Party of: 100-120
4 Large Pizza’s 7 Large Pizzas 15 Large Pizzas 30 Large Pizzas

Garden-Fresh Salads

Our salads are prepared from only the freshest ingredients and made to order. We use fresh iceberg and romainse lettuce, freshly prepared produce and specially created dressings. And to keep everything crisp, we bring your coutons and salad dressings on the side. Choose from the following dressings, or just ask for a variety: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian and Thousand Island.

Super Salad for 10………………………………..$20.45
Super Salad for 20………………………………..$31.25

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